Do you know what is the top most skill in the field of #futurestrading ?

It is not #technicalanalysis , not the #fundamentalanalysis , not the #domain#knowledge, not the reading of #chartpatterns , not the #seasonality, not the ability of data crunching, and not the skill of #backtesting.

Then, what is it?

It is the “#patience“.

We are in the field where all your experiences, all the achievements take a back seat if you lose the patience.

It is the biggest form of #discipline. Our fortunes change just like that, in a few minutes and few trading sessions.

We are left frustrated with the post analysis of what we have done recently with our trading.

And, someone should always be there to show you the mirrors of your mistakes. Generally, in the trading firm it is your manager, supervisor or a senior who guides you and shows you that mirror.

You must never lower your guard, never be in rush and always reflect.We never estimate the gravity of the mistakes in the trading unless we are told.

The only skill I seek is patience, more patience and a strong sense of reflection.

Then only we can achieve any milestone we have in mind.

Happy #Trading Ahead !


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