👉 While I was in School 🏫 I was good in Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics and English.

✍️ I wanted to become an IAS officer and everyone thought I would be the one from that school.

✍️ When I was in 9th standard, I started liking biology, started reading ” Oswal Pratiyogita Vigyan” and in mind had the thought that, I would be a doctor and then appear for UPSC.

👉 One of my senior whose father was Civil Surgeon of our district, used to tell me :

” You can solve 30% of the questions of the PMT exams conducted by CBSE. You will definitely be a doctor with a rank under AIR 500 in CBSE PMT.

✍️ Then came CBSE 10th Board, I scored 90+ in mathematics, had got to know about IIT JEE and decided that I will study PCM not PCB ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

👉 because I thought, I will have to cut open bodies and I hated blood and pain. So, I dropped the Idea of becoming a Doctor.

✍️ Studied PCM in 11th and 12th in Patna Science College. And hated the decision to take only PCM not PCM+ B.

👉 Because mathematics was really tough. But I fell in love with physics and chemistry. All thanks to DK Singh for Organic Chemistry and HC Verma for physics.

✍️ Landed up at IIT Kharagpur post IIT JEE and got Energy Engineering under Electrical Engineering branch.

🏫 The 4 years of stay at @IITKgp was a rollercoaster ride. I learned a lot of things, personality metamorphosis happened, and dealt with the stress of the deadly Electrical Engineering Course.

🙏 Graduated with a B.Tech and average CGPA. Got placed with a firm which dealt with Financial and Future Markets.

👉I had no idea of trading, markets, derivatives and how the world runs on money.

✍️ Fast forward to 2023, after 15 years, I am still learning the Markets. Have changed a lot in the last 15 years.

👉 In between, prepared for UPSC as I thought IIT Degree was my plan B. But never really put the efforts from heart and mind. Because I am an outspoken person who loves freedom to speak, freedom to act and freedom to say what I want to say.

✍️ Had in mind that UPSC result will give me a post which will act as servant not to the public but to the barely educated 3rd grade pass politicians and criminals.

✅ Lately, I realized the mistake and cursed my thoughts. You can be an upright officer and serve the society even in that kind of corrupt system.



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