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Student of IIT Delhi dies by suicide

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21 Yr old final year BTech student of IIT Delhi arguably committed suicide on 1st September 23. He was a student of Mathematics & Computer Sciences.

✅ He was in 2019-23 batch. He has got an extension of 6 months as he could not clear all his subjects.

✅ He was student of Scheduled Castes (SC) category

✅ On July 10, 2023, Ayush Ashna, a final Year BTech student of same branch that is Mathematics & Computer Sciences committed suicide.

✅ Members of the SC/ST Cell at IIT Delhi confirmed that student was from SC community.

Recently, management at IIT Delhi has taken a note of these unfortunate incidents.

One set of mid semester exam has been dropped so that the mental stress can be reduced.

There is a system of counseling services at IITs.

I have seen the stress at first hand. It’s a fact that stress in IITs are at many levels.

✍️ We do not know if we really wanted to study that subject. We were good at studies, cracked IIT JEE and opted for one branch which we had no idea, what the future holds.

✍️ Getting into IIT is tough. Getting a BTech is more stressful. Many couldn’t handle the pressure and expectations.

✍️ Social pressure is such that we fear the failures and F Grades.

✍️ Some students are really at stress all throughout the years. And they ultimately go in that dark zone and never come back.

✍️ Some students from SC/ST community are really weak in studies and probably were never made for this level of stress.

✍️ Each year some students from each batch do not clear all the minimum criteria and have to leave the IITs.

I have witnessed atleast 4 students who committed suicide, while I was at IIT Kharagpur during 2004-08. Two of them were my friends or at least I knew them.

I had no idea what was going through in their mind. One student had far better CGPA than what I had.

The problem is sad and real. And there are many causes and no clear answer to this.

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